About Adept

Adept provides a Board level strategic property resource to companies including companies that either cannot justify a full-time senior property director or when acquisition campaigns or changes in operational property holdings are being conducted over a relatively short period of time.

P1020421We advise in relation to overall acquisition strategy and funding, location selection targeting and assessment, developing standard lease and purchase terms to ensure competitiveness and operational suitability and flexibility and in relation to all due diligence and fitting out and specification matters.  We also manage the overall process including online collaborative reporting and control.

Our service can be tailored to suit but we can advise from the initial concept including the development of “one shop” models and funding, through the entire acquisition and diligence process, through fitting out and hand over to operations and then onto eventual estate/asset management.

We have significant expertise in rapid roll-out environments in particular in the retail (financial services and discount), trade counter and roadside sectors.  We have worked extensively in venture capital, private equity, private family and industry funded businesses with the common aim of achieving substantial and speedy growth against aggressive business plans whilst maintaining the integrity of and advancing the property model.

Please contact Philip MacLauchlan for an informal and confidential discussion about your plans.  We would be delighted to help and offer a genuinely bespoke, principal led service.

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