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…we provide a Board level strategic property resource to companies.

adept succinctly

Adept Consultancy UK Limited is a specialist property consultancy providing advanced property solutions, at Board level, to expanding companies or companies with changing operational needs in the roadside, trade counter, retail, distribution and office sectors throughout the UK.

overall acquisition strategy

adept advises on a “cradle to grave” basis in respect of multiple acquisitions throughout the UK. That is from initial concept to eventual sale/mature network.


adept can help develop a “one shop model” and test and prove replicability and play an active role in funding exercises including PE, VC and industry sectors.

location targeting, selection and assessment

adept advises in relation to target locations most likely to succeed, marketing campaigns and works with the operational teams to professionally assess suitable options.

standard lease terms

adept will develop standard and detailed heads of terms and lease terms with the legal team to ensure best practice and competitiveness.

competitive terms

adept is very active in the market and will obtain highly competitive financial and lease terms.


adept runs the overall diligence process from the deal being agreed through to completion and handover to the trading team if required.

collaborative/online reporting

adept will manage the acquisition process using collaborative (live and online) reporting and mapping.

live requirements

acquisitions in last 12 months

new locations in the pipeline

client campaigns

Please use the link to access details of current featured client campaigns including descriptions and target locations, where available.



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