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Blank Table Ltd as Wendy’s Franchisee for the East of England

Blank Table Ltd as Wendy’s Franchisee for the East of England

Wendy’s has now landed in the UK.  It is known for providing a superior customer experience at a price that is fairer than the “better” burger establishments.  Through Blank Table Limited it is looking for opportunities to expand throughout the East of England region.

Wendy’s goal is to deliver the enhanced customer experience by providing superior quality food served by people who care in a distinctive and comfortable environment. Not what is expected from fast food but certainly what is deserved!

Wendy’s have multiple trading formats and some target locations can support more than one outlet.  These include freestanding drive-thru and dining, freestanding drive-thru only, in-line (high street and shopping centres and leisure schemes) and food courts.

Potential locations are numerous including retail/leisure parks, roadside, high streets, transport hubs and shopping centres.  All locations must be busy with high volumes of traffic/footfall.

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